5th November, 2020

An Overview of Our Markets and how we add Geospatial Certainty Across the Project Lifecycle

An Overview of Our Markets and how we add Geospatial Certainty Across the Project Lifecycle

We are more than just a surveying company. At Murphy Geospatial we capture, collate, verify and govern geospatial data, providing critical surveys and data our clients need to work with confidence and maximise efficiencies across the project lifecycle.

Through integrated data capture, collation, verification, governance and advice, we assist clients to design, build and operate while ensuring accuracy, efficiency and sustainability.

Our vision is to be the “First Choice Partner for Geospatial Certainty”. What does this mean? It means we work with clients, the design team, consultants and can manage spatial data across the project or property lifecycle. Our data is verified through our GeoCertTM Platform ensuring it is robust, fit for purpose and a single source of truth for clients. Data can be reused and trusted at different stages of the lifecycle which ultimately leads to efficiencies for the client, cost savings, reduced on site errors and a shared common data environment for all of the team to collaborate with confidence.

Some of the world’s most valuable data is spatial data. Procurement and management of this data is critically important. In today’s world, access to information is easier than ever. However, with multiple sources of data and the availability of poor quality data, how can you ensure that you have peace of mind when it comes to spatial data around land, buildings and utilities?

We work with clients to scope a Geospatial Management Plan which is tailored to the client and project requirements through the four stages of a project lifecycle;

  1. Strategy and Consulting,
  2. Planning and Design,
  3. Construction and
  4. In Use (through to repurposing).

We do this in a number of markets;


Geospatial Certainty is fundamental to the success of any construction project; from design and planning stages, through to groundworks, civil and structural engineering, fit-out and cladding, and recording of as-builts. We provide a range of trusted services to assist at each stage of a development project lifecycle.

  • Our greenfield/brownfield topographical and aerial surveys provide engineers and contractors with the certainty they need to accurately plan their work.
  • Our subsurface surveys help ensure the development is connected to existing utilities and help avoid dangerous and costly utility strikes during construction.
  • We can assist with the accurate set-out of complex or high-precision elements of a build.
  • Our digital reality capture techniques ensure accurate capture of the as-built outcome of a project enabling the adoption of digital maintenance processes and asset optimisation during the in-use phase of the development.

Due to the scale of construction projects, small improvements in efficiency can lead to large savings. Murphy Geospatial offer multiple construction-related geospatial services to help increase efficiency, manage risk on your projects and reduce cost.


The industrial sector demands certainty in all its processes.

  • Cleantech to pharmaceutical,
  • oil and gas to
  • food and dairy.

The construction and fit-out tolerances required means there is no room for error. Murphy Geospatial are a trusted partner on these complex development projects where time is critical and data needs to be captured accurately, efficiently and safely.

Due to the health and safety risks, security concerns and logistical challenges of access to many industrial facilities, it is important to ensure data is captured correctly on the first attempt with no need for revisits


Our infrastructure binds our society together and enables it to function. Roads, railways, airports, harbours and utilities: these physical components are interconnected into complex systems to support trade, health, government, education, employment, industry, tourism – in essence, all parts of our society, economy and life as we know it. Murphy Geospatial recognise the importance of our infrastructure, the need to optimise its planning, design and construction, and the need to maximise its safe operational life to support our economy.

Due to the nature of infrastructure assets, there is often multiple stakeholders engaged on design and management of assets. Ensuring one source of truth to facilitate collaboration through a common, coordinated project data environment or portal greatly assists and contributes to project success.

Natural Environment

Understanding our natural environment enables us to predict its behaviour, allowing us to optimise food and energy production and limit the impacts of flooding and coastal erosion. Verified geospatial data is key to improving our understanding of these complex systems. Management of this data for multiple uses also assists in the protection of the environment. Having a single source of truth allows others to work with confidence and to collaborate for the benefit of society.


Property encompasses the built environment. It is the homes we live in; the places we work, shop and socialise; the facilities that provide our essential services.

We confirm the property or site location, the precise boundary, the site dimensions and topography, the condition of existing buildings, and the recording of as-built information. 

Ensuring a common single source of truth on projects which allows conveyancing and development to proceed with reduced risk, helps avoid disputes, and maximises the return on investment.

Public Sector

Murphy Geospatial can assist our public sector organisations in understanding the physical assets at their disposal to deliver public services in the most efficient way. Our governments are custodians for large portfolios of land and public service buildings such as schools, hospitals, emergency service stations and government administration buildings. Geospatial Certainty through the services we deliver allows the effective planning, design and delivery of new buildings and building upgrades. Our key differentiator is that we can deliver on large portfolios at scale, deploying multiple teams and mass capture technologies to provide the best value for money, while maintaining quality to the highest levels. Our Portal allows organisations to manage and control their assets.

Smart Cities

A smart city is an urban area that use different types of electronic methods and sensors to collect data. Insights gained from that data are used to manage assets, resources and services efficiently. In return, that data is used to improve the operations across the urban area and ultimately benefits society.

All this data needs to be managed and one common tie between all the various types of data is location. Geospatial Certainty is key to management of this data. We help to create a 3D Digital world upon which smart city information is layered. Geospatial Certainty of this data is key to being able to rely upon this data to make informed decisions.


We are more than surveying. Our Geospatial consultants are industry leading experts in their fields. Murphy Geospatial can consult with you to understand your requirements and identify the optimal solution to deliver efficiency, reduce risk and increase the value of geospatial data over the project lifecycle. We have developed a Geospatial Maturity Scale which sets out the Risks, the How and the Processes we can adopt to ensure more informed decisions and risk reduction.


In summary, Murphy Geospatial operate in these markets through a combination of three core strengths namely, people, process and technology. Our highly skilled and experienced team engage with clients to provide exceptional levels of customer service with extensive resources and highly developed workflows, which have been refined through the delivery of over 20,000 projects over almost 40 years.

We deploy the most relevant technology for our client’s projects to deliver certainty. Our industry is changing and the move to digitisation, remote ways of working means designers are increasingly relying on digital collaboration. The value of Geospatial Certainty in this digital adoption is vital to the success of projects. With increased collaboration, a single source of truth will ensure all parties can work towards achieving a common goal.