3rd August, 2021

Nurturing Potential in the Community: Dalma Volunteers in Local School for Girls

Nurturing Potential in the Community: Dalma Volunteers in Local School for Girls

Doing what we can to support our local community is important to us, especially when it aligns with our corporate social responsibility aims. Murphy Geospatial was recently approached to take part in a mock interview day, organised by SCS Railways. Hosted at the Swakeleys School for Girls in July of this year, the event took place in order to give students some authentic interview experience with real business professionals. 

With the hopes of giving back to the community, our esteemed colleague Dalma Roth rose to the occasion. As the Project Manager of Murphy Geospatial’s Subsurface Engineering, she certainly had a lot of wisdom to impart to the young women taking part in the event.

Forming part of the Year 10: Skills for Life Day, mock interviews are designed to give young people a taste of their future in the wider world. By taking part in a 15-minute interview session and receiving focused and personalised feedback, each student is given the chance to learn more about their potential career choices and gain invaluable skills for the future.

Dalma Roth (right)

We checked in with Dalma after the event to find out how it went:

“Participating in the Skills for Life Day at Swakeleys School for Girls was an interesting, thought-provoking and rewarding experience. I had the pleasure of interviewing three young women, all equally talented and impressive in their own right. Deciding on your career at such a young age is a difficult feat, but seeing how motivated and driven the new generation truly is was inspiring to say the least. I encourage anyone to get involved in a similar event so you too can help young people to realise their full potential.”

The whole team at Murphy Geospatial is proud of Dalma’s voluntary work and the impact she was able to make, playing her own part in the movement for more women in STEM. We have high hopes for what the next generation has to offer our industry and the future that awaits them.