Shear Link Mapping, Reading

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Project summary:

The client is constructing a reinforced concrete frame building in Reading. As part of the structure, shear links are installed around the columns. For the building to be signed off by building control, the presence and locations of the links needed to be determined.

The brief:

The purpose of the survey was to determine the presence of the shear link reinforcement around the nominated column locations.

The challenges:

Due to the nature of the construction and the unknown position of the links it was not possible to sufficiently break out the concrete to expose the shear links. Therefore, the links had to be mapped non-intrusively.

Our work:

The proposed survey areas carried out were shown to Murphy Geospatial personnel on-site by a project engineer of Henry Construction and consisted of 6 No. column locations.

The areas were scanned on an orthogonal grid of an area to suit the site conditions, but typically 1m squares centred to the column location with scans taken every 100mm. The system used for this survey is a GSSI SIR4000 coupled to a 2GHz Palm antenna, which, due to its size, allowed to scan a space-limited area and get closer to obstructions (e.g. walls, columns).

All collected data was uploaded to our servers and post-processed. No on-site interpretation was undertaken. Site measurements, taken with Disto, were used to plot the location of the on-site grids. The surveyed GPR data was processed and analysed using Geolitix. Several filters and processes were applied to the data. Both the raw data and data subject to different combinations of the filters were analysed.

Our team:

The survey was led by Kyle Olajorin (Project Engineer Manager). Kyle is an experienced engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the civil engineering industry. With a vast experience in infrastructure and buildings, using GPR and other systems, to provide our clients with key structural information.


The survey resulted in the accurate mapping of shear links around the columns surveyed. This allowed the client to move forward with the project.


For more information on this project, please contact Andy Kitson at or +44 203 598 3775

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    Henry Construction

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    InspectionProperty Consultancy

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    Reading, UK

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